Introducing EditAI

The first feature release of StructuredWeb's Generative AI framework, ChannelGPT, is designed to transform the way you create and customize channel marketing content. With EditAI, you can now take your existing content and effortlessly adapt it to more deeply connect with your target audience, all within a matter of minutes.

EditAI Solves Content Personalization Challenges

Channelizing Corporate Marketing Content to Make it Suitable for Channel Partners

EditAI solves two major challenges in the channel marketing flow. First, it addresses the challenge of channelizing corporate marketing content to make it suitable for channel partners. This process typically involves manually adjusting the verbiage, tailoring the content to the partner's target audience, and translating it into different languages.

EditAI automates these tasks, drastically reducing the time and resources required to transform and localize content for partners. It enables vendors to quickly and effectively deliver their message to partners in a language and format that resonates with their specific market.

EditAI Screen

The Complex Process of Further Customizing Content Partners Receive from Vendors

Second, EditAI tackles the complex process of further customizing content partners receive from vendors. Channel partners often need to tailor the messaging and materials to align with their go-to-market strategy and unique value proposition, which is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

With EditAI, the customization process is streamlined, allowing partners to quickly and easily adapt the content to their own needs, by automating these tasks.

JayMcbain“Channel leaders should be piloting generative AI technologies in the second half of 2023 to improve marketing to, through, and with their partners as well as automating onboarding, development, incentives, measurements, and reselling/co-selling enablement.”
Jay McBain Chief Analyst @ Canalys

The Simplicity and Usability of EditAI

Intuitive Layout

EditAI is embedded within StructuredWeb's drag and drop editor, making it easily accessible for users. It's conveniently located in the tray at the upper right-hand corner of the canvas, making it easy to find and use.

Clear Instructions

When EditAI is activated, a pop-up window provides clear instructions on how to refine the message. It guides users to fill in details about their audience, industry, business size, and more, allowing them to personalize their content effectively.

Pre-set Options

To simplify the process, EditAI provides pre-set options in drop-down menus. For instance, under the 'Industry' field, users can select from options such as healthcare, retail, construction, finance, etc. However, it also allows for custom inputs if the pre-set options do not fit the users' specific needs.

Real-time Preview

As users input their details, EditAI provides a real-time preview of the refined content. This allows users to see the changes as they make them, ensuring they are satisfied with the final result before saving and applying it to their content.


Easy Editing

Once the refined content is generated, users can further edit and tweak it directly on the canvas. This allows for additional customization and fine-tuning, making EditAI flexible and adaptable to varying needs.

Multiple Versions

EditAI allows users to generate multiple versions of the refined content. This gives users the freedom to compare and choose the version that best suits their needs.


User-friendly AI

EditAI utilizes generative artificial intelligence to refine the content, but users don't need any prior knowledge about AI or machine learning. The AI works in the background, using the details provided by the users to generate refined content.


Step-by-step Guide

To further simplify the process, EditAI provides a step-by-step guide, walking users through each field and explaining what they are and why they are important for the refinement process.


Customizable Fields

EditAI offers the versatility to tailor the fields towards the user's specific needs. This means that the fields are not permanent and can be adjusted to best suit the users and their audience.



Finally, EditAI is seamlessly integrated with other features of our channel marketing system. For instance, once the content is refined, users can easily translate it into another language using the translation icon, making the process efficient and streamlined.

What are the benefits of EditAI for Vendors?


EditAI allows vendors to efficiently create marketing materials for a large number of partners, ensuring that each partner receives customized content that meets their specific needs.

Improved partner satisfaction and loyalty

By providing tailored marketing assets and programs, vendors can better support their channel partners, leading to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term business relationships.

Time and cost savings

By automating the content creation process, vendors can save significant time and resources, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their business.

Tailored content for partners

StructuredWeb's EditAI generates customized marketing assets for each partner, taking into account their unique value propositions and target markets, ensuring a higher level of engagement and relevance.

Consistent messaging and branding

EditAI helps maintain consistent messaging and branding across all content created for partners, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand image.

What are the benefits of EditAI for Partners?

EditAI offers customized marketing assets that are tailored to a partners’ and their end customers’ specific business, target markets, and value propositions, saving them time and effort while improving their messaging and differentiation. 

Customized marketing assets

Partners receive marketing materials that are specifically tailored to their unique business, target markets, and value propositions, resulting in more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Time and cost savings

EditAI simplifies the content creation process for partners, saving time and reducing the need for additional resources to create custom marketing materials.

Enhanced messaging and differentiation

By leveraging EditAI, partners can more effectively communicate their unique value proposition and the benefits of their vendor's products, helping them stand out from the competition.

Diverse content formats

EditAI allows partners to edit and modify a wide range of content. EditAI's agility and responsiveness empower partners to quickly generate custom and personalized marketing assets on demand, allowing them to adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities.

Agility and responsiveness

With the ability to quickly generate custom marketing assets on demand, partners can more easily adapt their marketing strategies to address changing market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities.


How can I learn more about EditAI pricing and availability?

EditAI is available for existing StructuredWeb customers as well as selected new customers who are ready to move to the new generation of channel empowerment. We're excited for you to experience the power of EditAI and see the immediate impact it will have on your marketing efforts. Take advantage of this new feature today and unlock a world of possibilities for reaching your customers in a more personalized and effective way.

Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you get started with our revolutionary solution today!