Introducing ChannelGPT

A GenerativeAI platform made specifically for Channel Marketing

November 2nd, 12:00 PT (US and Canada)

This event has ended.


Join us November 2nd at 12PM PT for an exclusive webinar and live demo of ChannelGPT, a transformative channel marketing solution that is reshaping the way vendors and partners create, personalize and distribute channel marketing content.



  1. The Problem ChannelGPT Solves:

    1. The traditional content creation process is time-consuming and costly

  2. The Advantages of ChannelGPT:
    1. Speeds up the process from weeks to days
    2. Saves thousands of dollars per campaign
    3. Provides a fast reaction to market needs

  3. The Simplified Process of Creating, Editing and Translating Content:
    1. Vendors upload resources
    2. System generates sales/marketing assets
    3. Vendors review and approve assets

  4. The ROI of ChannelGPT:
    1. Significant reduction in campaign creation time
    2. Substantial cost savings per campaign
    3. Capture mindshare of partners
  1. The Four Components of the ChannelGPT Platform:
    1. Create AI - craft brand-new marketing and sales assets with a pre–trained model that seamlessly integrates your corporate marketing content
    2. EditAI - Revolutionizes content customization for partners, tailoring marketing materials by industry, title, and solution focus.
    3. TranslateAI - Effortlessly translating content into over 120 languages using the brilliance of AI
    4. RecommendAI -Provide tailored campaign suggestions finely tuned to partner profile.


Discover why ChannelGPT is helping vendors and partners become better storytellers, marketers and innovators.

Meet your presenters:


Christopher Spann
Director of Growth Marketing
@ Structuredweb


Sam Oliff
Sr. Director of Sales
@ StructuredWeb


Gerard Suppa
Director of Product
@ StructuredWeb